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Managed Cloud Solutions You Can Trust

Maybe a cloud solution for your business is just simply getting your business online with a website. Or maybe you’re considering more complex solutions around how cloud computing can help you grow your business or school? Whatever your pain point, let’s talk and see how AZ Biz Online cloud solutions can work for you..


What We Do

Desktops as a Service

Desktops as a Service (DaaS) are cloud hosted work environments that allow workers access to any application, anytime, from any device. Your applications may be hosted in the cloud itself, or hosted on-premises in a hybrid cloud deployment.

Website Design

We offer high-quality, affordable websites for small businesses that always start with a FREE demo.

Data Recovery and Backup Plan

When moving your business to the cloud, you may ask: Is my data safe? Who has access? Can anyone intercept my data? Can I trust my business to the cloud? With the Microsoft Cloud, the answer is YES!

Cloud Services

IT can be expensive ― retaining qualified staff and staying up-to-date on hardware and software. Cloud virtually takes these hurdles off the table, by moving you to a virtual environment for data storage, servers, databases, applications, and network that can be accessed from, and located in, multiple places around the world.

Cyber Security

Data loss/integrity, business impact, operations interruption, reputational impact and financial ramifications are all reasons that security is becoming a hot button conversational for all levels ― from employees to the C-suite. Hackers and cyber-criminals are constantly innovating, you need to proactively meet this challenge. We can help you every step of the way.

Unified Communications As a Service

Move beyond a limited view of what “communications” can mean for your organization. Today, it’s all about connection and collaboration. Computers. Mobile devices. Application Integration (hello MS Teams!). The workplace has changed, and so has the modern workflow. The results are incredibly empowering, you can benefit by adopting a UCaaS approach.


What do you REALLY need from IT?

  • Fast, reliable access to applications and data during working hours
  • Protection against IT failures
  • Secure, mobile connections
  • Protection from attacks
  • Flexibility to increase capacity and performance on demand
  • Balance between user needs and IT spend
  • Fewer headaches, more productivity

We Create Fully Connected Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

AZ Biz Online in partnership with MyCloudIT can help move you to the cloud so you can eliminate on-premises servers, implement BYOD, and never worry about licensing or OS patches again.

Get Started

Five Spheres. One Mission.

Our mission is to allow you to focus on your business, while we take care of your IT.







What People Are Saying

The first time I used the MyCloudIT platform I found it to be really slick and intuitive. Even more, turning the system on and off has been really simple, which is a bonus as it has saved us approximately $40,000 on device replacement and on-premises server costs!

Dan DeNeui

CEO, Evexias

From noob Azure guys, we have a freaking awesome, fully functional 3D accelerated RDS environment, which is flawlessly running AutoCAD and Revit, dual-screen, in a world class datacenter, that I can access from anywhere!

Bobby Weiter

CEO, AECWorkspace

MyCloudIT allows us to instantly deliver our application in the cloud without re-writing a line of code! This has enabled us to become more profitable, reach more customers, focus on delivering great features and support, and created a competitive advantage over the competition.

Robert Bakker

System Administrator, flexdata

MyCloudIT gives us the resources that we don’t have as a small company. Their platform automated many of the tasks for deploying environments for our customers. Additionally, the MyCloudIT engineers were an added bonus, helping us accelerate up the learning curve and saving a ton of time.

Chuck Schick

CEO, Warp 8

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